The history of plant medicine coincides with the very history of humanity; for as long as humans have been in existence so has their relationship to plants. Plant medicine is intimately tied to our own.  The medicines of this earth offer much more than their medicinal actions they offer a return to a knowing and kinship with who we truly are.

Herbalism is about much more than using plants medicinally it’s about embodying a deeper connection to nature, ecology, and the plants themselves. Herbs work in an intentional way to bring healing and restoration to the mind, body, and spirit. Through rekindling our relationship to the earth and its medicines we come closer to finding healing and balance within ourselves.

As an herbalist I work to be a messenger for the plants to do their healing work in others. I believe plant medicine is the medicine of the people. I believe everyone has their own story and their own magic and the plants help us to awaken to that magic. They work with us to remove obstacles to our healing, like allies they are there to guide and protect us in this journey.


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