“When I fell in Love with the Honeybee I fell in love with the world”

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The honeybees have taught me many things.







I came to the world of herbalism, beekeeping, and earth centered traditions because like many others my heart ached to see not only what we were doing to this earth but also how much of ourselves we had lost in the process. In 2011 I had two near death experiences both car accidents, the first one led me to travel through Oregon where I met a beekeeper and the second one was caused by a wasp stinging me in the eye. It took some time but eventually I came to the conclusion that these and the many other honeybee related events that followed were not simple coincidences but rather signs pointing me to a deeper calling. So I listened and began a long journey of studying with various mentors until forming my own path and relationship to honeybees centered around a deep reverence and fascination with the history, myth, and magic surrounding them.  In addition to beekeeping I am passionate about education and activism on behalf of pollinator conservation. In the winter of 2016 I was hired as the resident beekeeper and educator at The GrowHaus in Denver. Since then I’ve taught in many of their education programs geared towards various age groups. I think the honeybees have many valuable things to teach us and I am passionate about sharing their wisdom with many. When I fell in love with the Honeybee I fell in love with the world.

My journey as an Herbalist and Nutritionist also began with the honeybees. When I planted my first garden for the honeybees I knew very little about the magic the plant kingdom possesses. With time I became mesmerized by the plants watching the honeybees travel from flower to flower the thyme, lavender, sages, and hyssop with their beautiful flowers and intoxicating aromas. I was captivated and inspired by this beautiful connection between honeybees and plants.  In 2012 I began school at Metropolitan State University of Denver. It was during this time that I was experiencing a lot of health issues myself while also seeing those I love most suffer deeply. I started to take classes centered around holistic therapies and I was captivated. I didn’t grow up in a household that exposed me to these therapies but when I found them I feel I found a big part of myself. I graduated from Metropolitan State University in 2016 with my Bachelor’s of Science in Integrative Healthcare. After graduating I wanted to dive deeply into plant medicine and nutrition so I continued my studies at The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. It was here where I really fine tuned my vision as well as going on a deep journey of personal healing and discovery. In June of 2018 I graduated from this school as a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist and Flower Essence Practitioner with over 1,900 hours in clinical training and education. I also hold a Permaculture Design Certification from the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute and an Herbal Wilderness First Responder Certification from The Human Path.

It is my vision to utilize my education and skills to bring earth centered healing and education to communities around the world in hopes of helping to restore the balance between humans and the earth through finding healing and balance within ourselves.

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