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Courtney Cosgriff CCH, CN


Earth Centered Healing & Education

Honeybee Herbals is a business that is dedicated to providing Earth centered healing and education in the hopes of restoring our connection to the natural world. Honeybee Herbals is inspired by the divine connection between honeybees and plants, and harnesses this inspiration to heal communities through empowering individuals with tools to heal themselves.


“When I fell in Love with the Honeybee I fell in love with the world”


What’s Happening to Our Honeybees?

I believe the honeybees are telling us what we need to hear and showing us what we need to see, we must listen.

Honeybee Herbals offers mentorship on natural beekeeping through offering beekeeping consultations.

Wellness Consultations

As a clinical herbalist, nutritionist, and flower essence practitioner Courtney offers one on one holisitc wellness consultations combining these modalities to guide you on your journey to wellness.