What are Flower Essences?

Flowers have played an important role in cultures for as long as we know. They are used to celebrate the union of love, to honor those who have passed, to comfort the suffering, as an offering or gift to those we love. Flowers are a powerful symbol of beauty, divinity, love, and creative inspiration.  

Flower essences are an energetic or vibrational form of plant medicine, this means that essences work on the subtler aspects of our being, such as our emotional body. They assist us as we undergo spiritual growth and transformation. Essences can also have physical effects on the body such as relieving tension, promoting deeper breathing, or lessening the physical effects of anxiety and stress. They can also help us get more restful sleep and they can instill more vitality in our being. They can inspire creativity and passion or work to heal our connection to the world around us.

Flower essences are the essence of the plant, it’s spirit transmuted. Flower Essences are made by picking fresh blossoms from a plant and placing those blossoms in a crystal bowl full of spring water. The flowers in the spring water than infuse in sunlight or moonlight. Traditionally they are made during the day, ideally infusing in the water from sunrise to sunset. In this process the water is absorbing the vibration of the flowers. These vibrations affect us in different ways, and different essences can be used to balance imbalances in our physical, emotional, or spiritual bodies.

As a flower essence practitioner, I hold space for the individual to explore their emotional body and any present patterns that may be holding them back from being their truest selves. I’ve seen first hand the magic this medicine holds not only in my clients but in my own journey, the flowers have guided and comforted me through some of the darkest times in my life. They are beautiful and gentle, but they can also really shift things. I believe the person taking the essence must be ready to work with that aspect of themselves. The essences can reveal to us many things but mainly they are allies helping us to return to who we truly are.

Courtney Cosgriff